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Is there a supplier than can shipping large artwork this size box? Just our 2 cents…. Do you mean to sell these Floatmounts Images to the public in stand up fashion? Do you have any pointers specifically about shipping unframed prints? I wanted to say, I have used Craters and Freighters twice.

If you are the recipient, contact the sender of the shipment to inform him or her that the shipment is lost or stolen. Antiques Shipping For antiques or heirlooms that need special attention Art Shipping Paintings, statues and sculptures Electronics Shipping Servers and high value electronics Large Items Bulky furniture too big for parcel carriers Packaging and Shipping Custom packing for everything from furniture to Artwork Canada Shipping Small Moves into and out of Canada.

You would need a large-diameter tube, because lb watercolor paper will not roll up tightly, let alone lb. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Great subject for discussion. This is awesome thanks soo much Jason for the knowledge and wisdom you displayed for us and thanks to everyone for the super helpful comments, great stuff! Call Now! When should I rent a truck and move my paintings?

Fabulous info — I do get into a panic sending my art through the post, that feeling of lack of control and worry until it reaches its destination safely. Because the sender is the customer of The UPS Store, he or she will need to notify The UPS Store location from which the item was shipped to report the lost or stolen shipment and begin the claim process.

Does a thrid party need to be involved for customs, etc?? Of course all the inner packing that Jason mentioned goes in the box too.

I just sold my first painting, and I was wondering how on earth to mail it!!! Thank you so much for this incredibly useful informqtion. Thank you for being super thorough in this article! Hi Great article!

If you do, how do you protect such a piece? If you absolutely must use it, try a high end product like Tru Vue Optium Museum glazing. We drive 80 miles roundtrip to use the Fed-ex shipper rather than the local UPS…. Unmounted artwork that can be packed and shipped in tubes Expedited or time-critical shipments. I am looking for shipping company in Dallas to ship some paintings to China.

Thanks, Maggi. What are your thoughts on using a tube? Very good advice, as always, Jason. An emailed order is ready in two-three business days and very inexpensive. I was willing to paint the piece again the recipient was a family memberbut was told not to: A family friend, who is an artist as well as a professional art restorer, was going to fix the damage. Declare artwork value.

Hi,great subject, shipping large artwork, I usually pack my work well but never knew about not putting bubble wrap close to your art work as this could damage your art, thanks Becky.

Wrap painting in acid-free, archival-quality glassine paper. I hope you reply to this because I really like the plastic wrap idea and will use it if I can rest assured that it will not stick to a painting even in high humidity conditions. They are definitely available in sizes large enough to fit that size work. After that he always said, if you ever roll up an oil painting, make sure the painted surface is on the outside. He had rolled it with the painted surface on the inside, and when he unrolled it later, the paint cracked as he unrolled it.

If you are the sender, immediately notify The UPS Store location that shipped the item s to report the late arrival of your shipment. Should I remove the oil painting from the frame, wrap it in the plastic, put the frame back and then pack it with more bubble? Thanks Chisho! Can you give me your opinion on this?

Notify me when new comments are added. Shipping large artwork me more about shipping my paintings using consolidated freight. He painted a large canvas then rolled it up for storage.

For high-value, one-of-a-kind, original, shipping large artwork highly sentimental artwork, we strongly recommend purchasing supplemental insurance. The larger boxes can cut to size and taped together if you need an even longer box. I hope to soon sell some of my own.

Once The UPS Store location reports the damaged package, the carrier that shipped your package will initiate an investigation and may or may not approve the claim upon successful completion of the investigation. I use a sheet of slick paper to protect the surface instead of plastic wrap and I would still tape the ends of the tube to prevent snags or water damage.

Have you ever had an experience with the wrap sticking to the painting? Thanks H. Click here a lovely blog and advice you share regularly, thanks so much.

Thanks for sharing! I am thinking that any excess force against the face of the box will transfer to the image if there is anything touching it. I thougt this must be impossible, as oil cracks and crumples los angeles local office mover bent that much, but I gave in. Once The UPS Store location reports the damaged package, the carrier that shipped your item s will initiate an investigation and may or may not approve the claim upon successful completion of the investigation.

Seems to help insulate the art, shipping large artwork. Excellent article! When should I use consolidated freight to move my paintings? I have not shipped artwork, but plan to start up — was curious how directly wrapping the canvas with palette tape works. When should I use parcel shipping services to ship paintings?

Where do you get the raw cardboard from? Remember to save all packaging material. I use a super smooth product called glassine ordered in rolls, re-usable from Uline.

Consider our professional art crating services that you can order right now at a reasonable price, shipping large artwork. The cost was under ten dollars and worked well for a 48 X 36 piece. He also makes beautiful wooden parts for my art as well. To date I have only shipped my work from Canada to US. I was recently contacted by a client from Singapore who intends to purchase a number of my artworks for resale.

You mentioned that you use the box sizer tool to make shipping boxes from raw cardboard. First I plan on wrapping the Floatmount image in a plastic bag to protect it from rubbing and moisture.

Steps for how to ship artwork. What happens cheap mover los angele the canvas is bigger than the maximum size cardboard box that I can find? Great article — never knew about the box sizer — sweeeeet. After double boxing my art work, I purchased a few cans of insulating foam from the hardware store and shot foam between the two boxes.

This will protect your artwork from discoloration or staining. I wonder if you ever ship larger pieces rolled up, qfter taking them off the stretchers. I had not insured the package and nobody took the blame. After the water level dropped, my muddy painting was found, stuck in sime bushes a good distance down-river.

Yes, it cost more to ship but the painting arrived intact with no damage whatsoever, shipping large artwork. Shipping can be such a challenge, and after reading your detailed article I feel more confident about doing it. Great job on this article, Jason — wow, that took a lot of work and time but will probably be the definitive article on the net regarding art shipping for some time.

Hi Maggi, I ship full sheet weight watercolors in tubes all the time with no problems. Learn how your comment data is processed. I would like your opinion on this. I have had to replace it after each show because of scratching. The challenge read article many artists with the Airfloat is the cost.

I ship lots of 3D work so this sounds awesome — thank you Jason! When should I use peer-to-peer shipping to transport my paintings?

Thanks for the great article…I had to ship 3 Warhols a while back. The painting measured 1mx1m So it was a long size. Access to specialty carriers TSI works with a nationwide network of licensed and approved carriers. It was previously only sold in huge sheets that were angeles movers los storage east expensive and none of my suppliers would cut it; so I opted to send work under Tru Vue Museum glass in an Airfloat box re-enforced with glasskin and had no problem.

I am really not wanting anything like bubble wrap, Styrofoam, Honeycomb Cardboard, extra cardboard, etc. This is really helpful. If you are the recipient, contact the sender of the shipment to inform him or her that the shipment arrived damaged. They seem to handle things more carefully. When should I hire professional movers? I want to start an online art supply business and I want customers abroad to receive the art work directly in their homes,could this be possible.

It keeps the soft stuffing from making imprints in the art. We can secure space on a dedicated truck, as well as on trucks with air-ride suspension or climate controlled environments. I think I shall give myself the same consideration as I gave Warhol…. Thank you so much I had a shipping large artwork what about framed work? Grant, look for telescoping mirror boxes.

I could go with triple walled cardboard, or single wall with honeycomb cardboard or Styrofoam for extra stiffness and still find shipping large artwork way to keep it away from the image. If you need a well made, specially sized box in a hurry, Advanced Packaging Specialties in Mesa is great.

I had a terrible, but at the same time amazing experience once, with a piece that I sent from Mexico to Austria. Thank you for the great information! Because the sender is the customer of The UPS Store, he or she will need to notify The UPS Store location that shipped the item s to report a damaged shipment and begin the claim process.

Saved me from making mistakes. What do you think? Good luck to you! The piece was indeed restored, at the atelier of that man, when another desaster hit: the Danube flooded his house and swept away several works of art, including mine! I ordered both products on Amazon. Any advice is welcome. Moved chicago los angeles in advance. I have one of these tools and would like to know how you do this, shipping large artwork.

Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial! What is your suggestion? Shipping them flat wrapped in glassine and taped down between thick layers of cardboard significantly larger than the painting and with shipping large artwork corners seems like a better idea, though the shipping may cost more.

They were wonderful, and I thought the cost was extremely good. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct Get it Wed, Oct 27 - Fri, Oct GoFedEx 1. If shipping large artwork are the sender, immediately notify The UPS Store location that shipped your item s to report the lost or stolen shipment and begin the claim process. I should have noted that the images are The surface of the image does have a laminate on it.

Your videos are very helpful, as well, kudos for all you do within the arts community. Keep in mind, if you are shipping a large and valuable artwork, a cardboard box is not an option. I am new to this and the hardest part for me is the outer box in the size I want. Incredibly useful article — just what I was looking for to reference, shipping large artwork. Maybe Jason can speak on this.

Inexpensive artwork Local or short-distance moves. They are a shipper broker of sorts. Challenge accepted Tom B. Our 5-person moving team dismantled Tobey, packed him into a specially-built custom crate, and transported him to Cashiers on an air-ride suspension truck.

Get it as soon as Fri, Oct Get it as soon as Tue, Oct Amazon's Choice for artwork shipping boxes. Larger collections Long-distance moves Especially valuable artwork If you need help with packing or crating High-volume or recurring shipments. The restorer went to work again, washing, cleaning and re-touching the piece, shipping large artwork.

But, inspite of my using a sturdy inner tube and bubble wrap, as well as the very firm outer tube, that my linen from NY Central is shipped in, the roll arrived in Vienna bent in the middle, at a right angle. Tom Fink Art Parts in Phoenix is one. Thorough information on a very important subject. Shipping large cradled birch panels, painted in acrylic with a high gloss varnish to a restaurant. Then comes my shipper: I use Craters and Freighters.

Outside the U. How to ship artwork.

Custom fine art shipping company you can trust

This article would have made a good addition to the packing bible. Have the recipient save all packaging material. You need a custom crate built specifically for your piece. If you're boxing your artwork. While I understand that every penny counts, packing tape is not an area where you should be pinching those pennies.

The boxes are relatively inexpensive, and, when used properly, provide sufficient protection to keep your art safe in transit. The formula typically looks something like this:. Just as having the right tools on hand makes it easier to pack your art professionally, having the right supplies on hand will simplify your shipping life and save you a lot of running around when you make a sale.

This versatile plastic wrap is perfect for giving your art a protective skin before boxing. I always use 3. This process begins by measuring your artwork. Once you start shipping seriously, shipping large artwork, you are going to be cutting cardboard like crazy.

My father-in-law is an attorney by day and an avid woodworker by night and weekend. In essence, it is an adjustable tool that allows you to create even and smooth scores on cardboard. When shipping paintings, bubble wrap should be your filler of choice — never use styrofoam peanuts when shipping paintings more on this later. You will end up having to use two to three times as much tape to https://moverslosangeles.me/office-relocation-movers-los-angeles.html your boxes, and even then you risk it not working effectively.

Clinical Samples. Or you can trust our packing experts to do the job for you so your items arrive safely and intact. Moving los angeles best company, before putting your packaging into the box, it is shipping large artwork that you insert a piece of thin wood on either side.

However, we cannot pick up pre-manifested packages. All art shipments transported by TSI include federally mandated limited liability coverage, which pays out at 60 cents per pound.

How to Safely Pack Framed Artwork for Shipping? | Fine Art Shippers

Dimensional weight more accurately reflects the density of your shipment—or, the amount of space it takes up about its actual go here. A good T-Square will help you make straight, even cuts when modifying your boxes. Your neighborhood location can advise you on the best packaging method for your item s. Express delivery options are available, and you may even be able to add packing services for an additional fee.

Now, lay the cardboard flat, place the artwork roughly in the middle, and fold the ends over. This is probably true. Everything we do in relationship to the physical work of art should reinforce this message. Use the same services that leading auction houses and museums use, but with a discount. You may pay a little more to get high quality shipping large artwork, but this investment will quickly pay off in increased productivity and professionalism.

This applies to how the art is shipped as well. Yes, extra insurance move angeles overseas los available for fine art shipments, including paintings and sculptures. I try to use recycled materials wherever possible, and many transportation companies will allow you to buy carbon offsets for your shipments inexpensively.

I mentioned above that one of my essential supplies is palette wrap. Even so, I use large fragile stickers on every shipment. The safest way to pack paintings, including stretched canvas or framed paintings, is in a properly sized philadelphia long beach moving. The ends of the inner-box will be open, and because we allowed four extra inches at the end, you should have about two inches of empty space at either end.

In our example then, we would first figure https://moverslosangeles.me/cost-moving-los-angeles-new-york.html the volume of our box. I change the razor blades in my knife moving los angeles san jose every five packages — more frequently if necessary.

These factors can be balanced, and I am going to give you advice that will save you money. Many of our locations are capable of shipping large or odd-shaped items, such as furniture. This will usually be the heaviest duty option available, but, when in doubt, ask your supplier what their best tape is, or just buy their most expensive option.

If your delivery company always charged you shipping fees based purely on the weight of your package, calculating and minimizing your shipping costs would be pretty easy. This box will also help absorb shock if the package is dropped. Cheap packing tape may actually end up costing you more, shipping large artwork, not to mention a client, especially if your artwork is damaged because the tape fails.

Ideally, you would have a dedicated shipping area in your studio where you keep all of your supplies and tools and have a large table to work from. Please angeles quote los movers that such a method can be applied only if you have a custom crate with shipping large artwork backings and foam inserts that perfectly fit your artwork. With a box sizer you can modify boxes to fit your exact needs, or even create boxes from raw cardboard.

Choosing the Right Shipping Carrier. Professional shipping providers like TSI will offer special crating services for all of your fragile and expensive pieces of art. I have received packages before where the art was literally falling out of the box because the tape had failed to hold.

Your natural tendency is going to be to start on the front, but if you start on the back and wrap at a straight angle all the way around once, you can then pull the wrap diagonally down the back side of the artwork to start your next row of wrap. Bubble wrap both cushions the art and fills space, preventing unwanted movement within your packaging.

This inner layer of cardboard is going to create a kind of second box that will greatly diminish the possibility of having a foreign object pierce or scuff your artwork, shipping large artwork. Telescoping picture boxes are terrific because you can use just one if the artwork fits, or, if the work is larger than a single box, you this web page slide two boxes together to make a larger box.

Subscription Options. Knowing this, if you find that the box has a lot of empty space inside, it might make sense to use a smaller box, or to cut it down with the box sizer so that we avoid the dimensional weight charge.

Renting a truck and moving is often the method of choice for small or short-distance moves. A high quality, shipping large artwork, heavy-duty box cutter with lots of blades is one of your most-important, most used tools. All of the other tools in this list have been fairly common, and are easy to find at your local hardware store.

A pencil works as well, and some might argue that an errant pencil mark is easier to conceal or erase, but I like to get my score marks down quickly and boldly so there is no room for doubt.

Contact your neighborhood location to ensure it offers packing and shipping of large or odd-shaped items. I use the plastic wrap to protect paintings and frames from scratches and scuffs. He can envision a piece of furniture, then engineer and execute a design that allows him to manifest the furniture precisely to his vision.

So this box will work just fine. The two larger sizes are both telescoping boxes. If you have a large collection or are dealing with large volumes, consolidated freight is typically ideal.

The last tool in my toolkit, the box sizer, is a tad more specialized, and may need to be ordered online. While packaging suppliers offer an overwhelming variety of supplies — boxes in every shape and size, tapes in every width, big bubbles, small bubbles, peanuts — you can meet most of your packing needs with just a small arsenal.

By having your diagonals on the back, the front of the artwork is covered with smooth, straight rows of plastic, which not only protects the art itself, but also looks attractive to the client upon opening.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Several of our locations are capable of https://moverslosangeles.me/professional-moving-company-los-angeles.html to your residence or business to pick up, pack and ship your item s.

It is very similar more info the plastic wrap you use in the kitchen to cover casseroles and other food you want to keep fresh in the refrigerator. Exceeding these size restrictions will cause you to incur additional fees and force you to seek out another delivery option. This is not the end of the world, though, shipping large artwork, and you should certainly never compromise the safety of your artwork simply to shipping large artwork off a few inches to remain under the thresholds.

How to Ship Artwork | FedEx

The perforations make measuring and cutting much easier and cleaner, shipping large artwork, and it costs the same as the non-perforated rolls.

If you have space in your car, packing your paintings into your vehicle is the safest way to transport artwork during a DIY move. The freight company might not pay much attention to them, but they make me feel better, and they let my clients know I care.

In my experience, most damage can be avoided think, celebrity movers los angeles with careful planning and packing, and this should be goal 1 when you are shipping art. While read more talent, skill and creativity are shipping large artwork to execute his work, none of it would be possible without the vast array of tools he has assembled over a lifetime of woodworking.

I have five favorite tools I use consistently when shipping. Most shipping companies require that freight be double-boxed before covering it for damage, and in my experience, this layer of cardboard has always satisfied the requirement for a second box. Back to top. The size of the artwork dictates the size of the final package, and there are going to be times when you simply have to go over the threshold for dimensional weight and bear the additional costs.

I try to plan my folds so that they are on this axis. When shipping larger artwork, you can often run head first into this issue. Paintings are shipping large artwork to ship, shipping large artwork, and each piece will come with its own unique set of considerations for packing and moving.

Your shipping will be simpler and safer if you have the right tools. Because all of our locations are individually owned and operated, services and prices may vary. Use your box cutter to make your cut. But it is indispensible once you get the hang of using it. How to Ship Christmas Ornaments. Keep your paintings safe during a DIY move by following these tips:.

With a little surgery you can even slide four boxes together to accommodate still larger pieces. These scores then allow you to fold the cardboard wherever you need. How to ship from home. Get to Know Us.

Make Money with Us. Save money with the most experienced art shippers nationwide. I order two to four rolls at a time so that I always have plenty on hand. If you are shipping a small artwork, you can use a durable cardboard box.

The total cost of a DIY move depends on the size of your rental vehicle and the distance of your move. While I occasionally have to special order a box for a particular work of art, nine times out of ten I can pack any two-dimensional artwork that comes my way using just these supplies:. If a package exceeds a certain size threshold, the carrier will charge you based on the size or the actual weight; whichever is greater.

Simply contact your delivery company and ask them how they calculate dimensional weight and what their size thresholds are.

As the name implies, its main function is to wrap boxes on shipping palettes, but I will show you below how you can use the wrap as a protective coating around your art to protect against scratches and scuffs. The Cheapest Way to Ship Candy. Trust the professionals at TSI to handle your fine art shipping. Think of this extra charge as leasing van space. If you do pack multiple paintings into a single box, be sure to reinforce the bottom—artwork can be heavier than you expect.

Customizable See more. While there may be a few additional tools that will come in handy from time to time, these tools are a good place to start. Many of the companies will list this info on their websites. I keep both single-wall and double-wall sheets on hand, but I almost always use the single-wall. No matter how great a work of art is, no matter how well you have served your collector, if the artwork arrives damaged your customer is going to be upset.

If you hire professional movers, it may be best to move your paintings in your vehicle, if possible. He has an amazing woodshop where he crafts fine furniture. Instead of cutting and folding this extra space, simply squeeze the sides together to form a kind of triangle and tape it closed.

Tape the overlap to seal the cardboard closed. With a little careful planning you can minimize the environmental impact of your art shipping activity, "shipping large artwork". You can then measure the width of the painting and double it, measure the depth of the here and double that, then add a click the following article inches for good measure and mark the cardboard using your T-square and Sharpie.

It still might not be worth the hassle to cut the box down or get another box, but at the very least you should be aware of the impact that size has on your shipping costs. However, with larger pieces you should pass the wrap over the surface multiple times to cover all of the artwork. A marker line is hard to miss or confuse, and is therefore ideal for marking up your packing materials.

I actually use this tool far more frequently when packing sculpture, but it also often comes in handy when boxing up paintings. Your kids or grandkids or you! We are also going to be double-boxing our artwork, which gives us an added layer of protection.

Blades are cheap, especially if you buy them in bulk. A dull, or rickety knife will cause the cardboard to crumple and buckle rather than cut. I imagine that delivery company employees become pretty immune to those stickers after a while.

Check with them to find out what those restrictions are. I only use double-wall cardboard when I am dealing with extremely heavy or delicate art. I have often declared that artists and gallerists are as much in the performance art business as the visual art business. Golf clubs.

International Shipping for Beginners: The Basics. We want to convey to the collector that the work of art they just bought, or are considering to buy, is a masterpiece.

Large or odd-shaped items often require specialized packaging. While any individual bubble is easy to pop, shipping large artwork, a sheet of the bubbles, working in concert, draws a surprising amount of strength by distributing pressure and impact across a wide area. Some moving companies base their prices more on distance, shipping large artwork others place more emphasis on how much stuff you have. How e-Commerce Shipping works.

Here are the supplies I try to have in my inventory at all times. How to Pack and Ship Coffee Mugs. Domestic Shipping. If you would like to schedule a pick-up, contact the package carrier directly. I start by determining which outer box I am going to use. Again, damaged artwork costs you far more than slightly higher shipping fees.

Fortunately shipping is far less exacting than fine furniture making, but the importance of having and using the right tools is analogous.

When handling the art, we should do so respectfully and almost reverentially. Be sure to mention your artwork collection when you call for a quote so they can provide an accurate price and advise you about packing requirements before they arrive. We suspend the rolls on wires from the ceiling in our supply room so that the roll is out of the way and yet easy to access and unroll. Yes, you could charter a jet and hand-deliver the artwork to your client to click at this page sure it arrives safely and professionally, but this approach would be neither economical nor efficient probably not all that ecologically friendly either.

His success is equal parts skill, practice, talent and creativity. While safety and professionalism certainly come first, those concerns have to be balanced against your costs.

Ultimately, I want to ship the artwork for the least cost, while still maintaining safety and professionalism. The first step in packing a painting is determining which boxes and materials you are going to use, and then planning how to use them optimally.

The UPS Store offers custom handling and packaging, from blanket wrap to custom cartons, crating, shrink-wrapping and palletizing. I stand in awe of the finely link and precise work he does in the shop.

These are large, shipping large artwork, flat sheets of cardboard that can be used anytime you need extra padding or wrapping. Nothing beats a Sharpie for marking your cardboard for cutting. Do I have to worry about the change in climate? That flat folded box was then taped and put into the double walled piece of lb that was made from the opposite direction cardboard and everything securely taped with the heavy duty tape. Would it be better to remove the canvas from its framing and ship in a tube?

Read our comprehensive painting shipping guide to learn about five ways to ship paintings, or jump directly to special considerations and other important tips for shipping paintings, including step-by-step fine art packing instructions, by clicking the menu below. I am worried about transporting it though. My latest sale was shipped from Montana to Calgary during the Christmas holidays and it arrived safely.

PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. The frame of the painting was damaged in shipping and UPS denied the insurance claim. I just print it and post it on my studio wall. Amazon Subscription Boxes Top subscription boxes — right to your door.

How Do I Ship Paintings?

Thanks, Jason, for your wonderful advice on packing and shipping artworks. The print was wrapped in an archival paper and taped to the inside of the cardboard. Their daughter owned a shipping company.

Thanks again for your valuable advice. A quick observation; I have generally put a layer of glassine on the art side before shrink wrapping it. I had someone tell me to ship larger works un-stretched and rolled in a tube, shipping large artwork.

But it has set unrealistic expectations for our art customers. Is either acceptable? Source you do pack multiple paintings into a single box, be sure to reinforce the bottom—artwork can be heavier than you expect.

My goal is that if the glass breaks, I want to ensure that the glass needs to be held together by the tape and not damage the painting or the client. Any suggestions on where to source boxes and the most economical shipper?

How to Ship a Canvas or Painting | Shipping School

I should have written to corporate head quarters as a gallery owner friend with a similar problem did. I had a box company create a box for me to ship prints in. I would use them all the time, but unfortunately they only do runs up and down the east coast.

So lesson learned. For one show I used an art shipper who came to my house and individually wrapped and packed each of three fairly large paintings. I repaired the piece https://moverslosangeles.me/los-angeles-art-moving-companies.html there was no visible sign of any damage.

Here is a simple guide on how to safely pack artwork framed with glass for shipping: 1. The customers were great, and everything was worked satisfactorily there. Dear Jason, Excellent article, but a couple of things to add. More weight and cost shipping large artwork they always arrived in one piece. It is wrapped around the painting. Related Shipping Guides.

But the varnish apparently did not agree with glassine or agreed too much, I should say. For other shows I have used Fedex. I tape those here the corners, and then add another layer of cardboard that is the height of the box by the length of each side of the box.

One of your photos show the plastic pallet wrap touching the painting. Anyways, thanks again for your time writing and sharing this. Some moving companies base their prices more on distance, while others place more emphasis on how much stuff you have. I wrap the rest of it the way I usually do, and have had success using these. Track a Package. The total cost of a DIY move depends on the size of your rental vehicle and the distance of your move. Has anybody tried this method?

Shipping large artwork use the glassine or an go here free archival paper that I wrap all pieces in before I ship so that the painting does not come in contact with anything that can potentially harm the painting.

Adding labels and always including insurance. But in one instance, works shipped to France, which took a few weeks, the glassine stuck to the painting and ruined it. Take a look at our how-to video, so you can pack your artwork like a pro. Years ago when my mom would ship one of her paintings large framed oils on stretched canvas my dad would build a wood framework inside the outer cardboard box for more protection. Will you pick up my items at my location, and pack and ship them?

We can handle it for you. The price was very reasonable; I would have ended up paying almost as much to pack the art myself and ship via Fedex. Call Now! Call our small move experts today Start My Estimate Online.

They constructed the boxes to custom fit each piece. Luckily, the collector was happy to except a replacement. If you drop the box 1 time on a corner that can break a bubble of the bubble wrap. It would seem that the thin plastic would stick to the painting. This creates another level of protection and prevents the crushing of the corners.

Thank you Jason for yet another fabulous article. So what is a tiny bit of the profit for a more costly painting could wipe out the entire profit for a modest-priced one.

Some might argue that a rolled canvas is safer to ship, as well as being more economical, but as you rightly point out, removing the canvas from the stretcher and rolling it carries its own risks. Not the 3 mil or lower.

If you are like me and packing and shipping is also your least favorite part of running your business, always be grateful for it — because it means that business shipping large artwork good! That picture of the damaged painting is a heartbreaker, shipping large artwork. Deals and Shenanigans. Great article, but one technical detail jumped out at me. I wonder if I should look for private art consultants who would find me great art and then handle all of the shipping for me!

Hi Jason or knowledgeable artists, Which shippers do you recommend? I use Fedex. How long will it take for my shipment to arrive at its destination? I personally wrap my paintings in glassine paper first for an extra protection. Work with a dedicated logistics specialist to coordinate all aspects of your art delivery, including recurring shipments.

You can use plastic storage bins to ship your items, as long as you package them sufficiently shipping large artwork are aware of potential DIM weight charges. I feel very uncertain shipping large artwork about using glassine to ship, because I do want to varnish my paintings, shipping large artwork. On the other hand, a client is going to be reluctant to purchase an item from a distant gallery or artist if they have to pay a huge packing and shipping fee.

The instructions said it would take a couple days to dry, and it had dried for over a week — also dry to the touch. If you hire professional movers, it may be best to move your paintings in your vehicle, if possible. Apologise, moving companies los angeles chula vista the glass. If it drops on the same corner again, some of that protection is missing, Some damage can occur.

Hello there! I let the customer know that if there is breakage, they should take it to a framer and let them remove the painting from the frame to ensure its safety. The evidence shows this to be true. See all guides See all guides. What are the best tubes? I take the outside box and add an additional protection.

I assume they will be just as bad when I ship. Then create a box around shipping large artwork you described. Renting a truck and moving is often the method of top moving company los angeles for small or short-distance moves.

We then shipped it directly to a framer in Florida without the glass, and the framer then cut the Museum glass to fit and put the painting back together and delivered it to the client. Artwork Shipping a painting, sculpture or other piece of art? We make no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding this information. Having gone through a mishap in the past, I go to great lengths to ensure that the paintings arrive safely.

I really felt that for my previous shipments to be broken they literally had to be dropping them, because I packed them well, but these foam corners really give it a cushion, even if dropped. The oil paint was done with very thin layers on wood panel, and dry to the touch after over a month. Are you a collector? I really appreciate it. I ship quite a bit of art with glass on it, and I have been pretty lucky regarding damage over the years. Long story short, the glass broke and there was some damage to the painting from a glass shard.

Dear Jason, Thank you very much for the time put into this truly excellent information, shipping large artwork.

Blink Smart Security for Every Home. I shipped a painting with UPS and insured it for the full value of the painting. But it is my understanding that they only go up and down the east coast. Be sure to mention your artwork collection when you call for a quote so they can provide an accurate price and advise you about packing requirements before they arrive.

Once I have my painting properly packaged, is it best to transport vertically or horizontally? Instead, I now avoid avoid UPS. Any suggestions for reliable shippers? I finished it with Gamvar matte varnish. He ended up getting a full refund. Learn More. I have shipped large works to Europe a couple of times, but it was years ago when things were more lax.

Main Content. Do you know if it https://moverslosangeles.me/cheap-movers-los-angeles-area.html ok to use masking tape on museum glass to guard against breakage? Thank you for your advice to use bubble wrap to fill empty space and add cushion so that nothing gets damaged in the shipping process. We specialize in creating custom solutions for moving and shipping art, including paintings, prints, framed artwork, and sculpture.

The corrugation of the cardboard, Grain or direction of the cardboard was going in different directions on 2 different folded envelopes for the print. Estimate Shipping. If you have space in your car, packing your paintings into your vehicle is the safest way to transport artwork during a DIY move.

Paintings are difficult to ship, and each piece will come with its own unique set of considerations for packing and moving. I have no control over where the client lives or how much it would cost to ship to their location. They are cheap, and great because they include these large foam corners that can go around each corner of the artwork and give it a great cushion if it is dropped.

They are not perfect, but I have shipped art with them for years—first my illustration work to my clients and now my fine art. Ship Artwork Find a Store. Are you an artist shipping original pieces to clients across the country? Wrap the artwork.

I am looking to purchase some exceptional artwork for my private collection. I also stress to the customer, to use an ammonia free glass cleaner, and spray on the rag, not the glass to clean it and protect the UV Museum glass on the painting.

Check it out. One client purchased one of my large watercolors at an auction and decided to have it shipped from Montana to Florida, shipping large artwork. We can even help you pack or crate your artwork so it just click for source safe in transit.

I tape the Tyvek securely with tape around the painting. I ended up having to pay for the repair costs. How much do you charge for packaging supplies and services? This article was a great help. The inner sleeve for the cardboard was a single wall piece of cardboard. The plastic wrap I used is the 4 mil. It is NOT intended to be a comprehensive guide for packaging items we accept for transit.

Obviously, shipping a painting to Europe would cost more than shipping the same item across town. Acrylic paintings may be dry to the touch and varnished, but when they come in contact with the plastic wrap type of covering, the wrap can adhere to the surface of the art.

Express delivery options are available, and you may even be able to add packing services for an additional fee. I have been shipping my works when sold directly for a while read more always just dreaded packing and started question moving home los angeles opinion a service to do it, but boy it becomes pricey very quickly… I think your way of methodically approaching the task and just have a separate sort of mindset about it makes a lot of sense and encourages me to set up a dedicated station in my studio.

I avoid UPS because they seem to be the least professional when it comes to receiving items on my end. They were extremely professional but the cost was very high. Why should the artist or gallery pay for the shipping? I wrap with the bubble wrap as you detailed and box with a box within a box as you detailed. Post a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. I did use another art shipper to transport a large piece of art to CA for which I built a wooden crate.

Keep your paintings safe during a DIY move by following these tips:. I was curious about his procedure. Read about five common ways to ship paintings, including pros and cons and when to use each method. Post Comment. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Again thank you for the excellent article.

Get instructions for how to pack, ship, market and manage a business. I recently was shipping a heavy volume of pieces and I had a couple damaged in transit. Pack and ship this item without visiting a FedEx Office Location.